Introducing Innovation Services at the University of Turku

Research at universities continuously leads to a multitude of significant research results as well as inventions. However, the majority of these are published before their protection possibilities and commercial potential have been properly assessed and evaluated. This is unfortunate, as inventors, the university, as well as society would benefit from improved identification, protection and commercial utilisation of inventions. This is the reason why the University of Turku’s objective is to establish new business activities, generate start-ups and spin-offs as well as reform and develop existing businesses and improve the international competitiveness of these with inventions and innovations arising from research.

Inventions, patents, knowledge and expertise can be refined into products and services by licensing or selling these to an established actor in the field or by establishing a new start-up or spin-off company based on them. However, not everything can be protected and not all protected technology will sell. But when commercialisation activities are successful, the institutions of higher education are exceptionally generous concerning inventors in the distribution of net income in comparison to the business world.

The University of Turku’s Innovation Services unit is responsible for the management of the university’s IPR portfolio and provides assistance in all activities related to the assessment, protection and commercialisation of inventions and innovation concepts. The staff available to help with these questions include several innovation managers and entrepreneurship program managers, a Research to business–funding (R2B) adviser, an education export coordinator, a patent informatics specialist and a business development manager.

In November 2023, Turku Brain and Mind Center had the opportunity to meet with the Innovation Services at the University of Turku. Marjo Pihlavisto, Innovation Manager at UTU Innovation Services, presented the operations to the TBMC board, which was followed by discussion about future collaboration possibilities.

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