About Us

About Us


Turku Brain & Mind Center (TBMC) is a regional node of Neurocenter Finland in Western Finland, formed by the University of Turku, Turku University Hospital, and Åbo Akademi University. Our main goal is to increase the visibility of brain research and expertise in Southwest Finland, which promotes the discovery of new solutions to long-term problems and new challenges in brain research.


TBMC builds on Turku’s longstanding expertise in brain and mind research, which dates to the early 1990s with the establishment of the Turku Neuroscience Center (TNC). In May 2000, the Faculty of Medicine set TNC as a profiling research program, which became a catalyst for collaboration and neuroscience education at the University of Turku. Ten years later, in 2011, TBMC was officially established to enhance the collaboration between research groups in the Turku area, and in 2018, the Master’s Degree in Human Neuroscience was launched. Today, the Center gathers more than 20 research groups from various fields of neuroscience from the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University.


To increase synergy between the research groups regionally and nationally, attract new researchers, develop regional services by providing equipment, tools, and information for research, organize education in the field, facilitate industrial collaboration and local innovation ecosystem, disseminate and recognize research, and fortify the role of neuroscience in Turku.

A Regional Node of Neurocenter Finland

Neurocenter Finland is a collaborative network that brings together seven universities and five university hospitals operating in different well-being services counties in Finland. It serves as a central hub for the latest and most comprehensive information regarding neuroscience research projects, infrastructures, methods, materials, and innovations within Finland. By fostering cross-boundary partnerships between academic, private, and third-sector entities, Neurocenter Finland aims to create a supportive network that encourages new collaborative proposals for research, innovation, and business activities. Ultimately, the network seeks to advance brain health in Finland.

Neurocenter Finland


Turku Health ecosystem map is created by Turku Business Region and gathers the most important service providers in the health and life-science sectors.

Health Ecosystem Map 

Regional Steering Group

Chairs and Management

Juho Joutsa, Chair, Professor, UTU Clinical Neurosciences
Hasse Karlsson, Vice Chair, Professor, UTU Psychiatry
Jetro Tuulari, Operational Director, Adjunct Professor, UTU Psychiatry


Jetro Tuulari, Adjunct Professor, UTU Psychiatry
Mikko Pietilä, Medical Director, TYKS
Jukka Leppänen, Professor, UTU Psychology
Henry Railo, Assistant Professor, UTU Speech and Language Pathology
Valtteri Kaasinen, Professor, UTU Clinical Neurosciences
Matti Laine, Professor, ÅA Psychology
Satu Jääskeläinen, Professor UTU, Clinical Neurophysiology
Mika Teräs, Professor, UTU Institute of Biomedicines
Antti Airola, Assistant Professor, UTU Health Technology
Hannah Liuska, Development Manager, UTU Psychiatry
Albert Bellmunt Gil, Education Manager, UTU Psychiatry


Jussi Posti, Adjunct Professor, TY Clinical Neurosciences
Jaakko Rinne, Professor, TYKS Neurocente
Katja Valli, Adjunct Professor, UTU Psychology
Minna Lehtonen, Professor, UTU Speech and Language Pathology
Mika Martikainen, Professor, UTU Clinical Neurosciences
Patrick Jern, Professor, ÅA Psychology
Irina Virtanen, Adjunct Professor, UTU Clinical Neurophysiology
Virva Saunavaara, Adjunct Professor, UTU Institute of Biomedicine
Tapio Pahikkala, Professor, UTU Machine Learning
Saija Tarro, Project Coordinator, UTU Psychiatry