Call for Submissions: Lundbeck TBMC Research Award 2024 & TBMC’s Image Competition

12.02.2024 - 08.04.2024

Turku Brain & Mind Center Announces Research Award and Image Competition

We are inviting researchers and students to participate in two exciting opportunities to recognize and celebrate contributions to neuroscience research.

1. Lundbeck Turku Brain & Mind Research Award:

The Lundbeck Turku Brain & Mind Research Award will be held for the second time to recognize outstanding research in neuroscience. This prestigious award offers a €2000 prize to research groups affiliated with TBMC for their exceptional papers published in 2023. 

Each research group may submit one paper, and affiliation with Turku Brain & Mind Center is required. 

Submission Guidelines:

1. The Prize will be handed out every year at a TBMC event.

2. The Prize is 2000 euros.

3. The Prize is a personal grant for the first and/or last author of the publication and the affiliation must be Turku Brain & Mind Center.

4. The publication should be of a very high scientific standard (typically JUFO 3 or IF >10, but these metrics are only indicative and the assessment is made by scientific merits regardless of the publication forum).

5. Proposals from the entire Turku Brain & Mind research community will be invited for the award during each spring. As a general rule, each group can submit one proposal.

6. The proposed papers should have been published during the previous year based on the first electronic publication date.

7. The TBMC board does the pre-qualifying and the best candidates are sent to the selected external panel each year. The criteria for selecting the best article for the external panel are:
– How novel and innovative the ideas behind the articles were (i.e., how much we saw them to advance the state-of-the-art).
– The level of methodological rigor and soundness of the articles.
– The potential impact to the research field.

8. The TBMC board makes the final decision on the articles to be submitted for review in accordance with the above principles and resolves cases open to interpretation on a case-by-case basis.

2. TBMC’s Image Competition:

The second opportunity aims to highlight creativity and innovation in brain imaging as we launch the first Image Competition. Researchers and students specializing in brain imaging are encouraged to submit their original images of the brain captured through neuroimaging techniques or created using design tools. 

The winning image will be featured on our first magazine cover, and all submitted images will be available on the website. Participants may submit up to three images, with a brief description of the context and techniques used and a title for each image.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Images should be in high-resolution (JPG or PNG format).

2. Images should be original, either captured through neuroimaging techniques (2D or 3D images, 3D brain reconstruction, etc..) or creatively rendered representations of the brain with artistic touch. Microscopic images and AI-generated images of the brain will not be considered.

3. Images should not be presented or won in other competitions.

4. Participants can submit up to 3 images.

5. Participants can submit an image previously published in a paper if they have the copyrights. However, they need to comply with the legal constraints associated with the original publication.

6. Participants should briefly explain the context, significance, or artistic inspiration behind each image, including the technique used. They should also present a title for each image.

7. Images should not have any labels or text.

8. The competition is open to UTU researchers and students interested/working in brain imaging.

9. Images will be judged by an external panel (outside UTU) based on creativity, visual impact, scientific relevance, and overall artistic aspects.

10. All images will be published on TBMC’s website, and the winning one will be featured on the cover of TBMC’s magazine.

Interested individuals are encouraged to review the complete guidelines and submit their applications before April 8th deadline here (for the Lundbeck Prize) and here (for the Image Competition). 


For more information and inquiries, please contact